Profile site of Michael Ream
Profile site of Michael Ream
Michael Ream
Michael Ream
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Passionate, energetic, self-motivated, professional with an advanced engineering degree and an 18-year track record of exceptional technical leadership and solution development. Talent for developing relationships with clients and coworkers through demonstration of innovation, competency and leadership.  Comfortable with roles of technical contributor, project management, and personnel management. 


Flexible and versatile – able to lead teams through challenges and do what it takes to insure success. Experienced with developing solutions for the clients across many industries.  Thrive in deadline-driven environments. Excellent team-building skills.

About Me

Thank you for visiting my web site.  I am a Mastered Degreed Electrical Engineer who loves to tinker with everything from electronic design, web site design, HTML5, Responsive Design, hacking routers, and lots of other things.

In my spare time I love to hike and build things including my barn, chicken coop, and blacksmithing decorative creations.  In general, my passion is focused around creating things.

I am currently employed but I am interested in considering something different and more challenging.  Specifically I am interested in opportunities in Information Technologies, Software Development, and/or Systems Engineering with a technical company in the Pittsburgh Area. As an accomplished Engineer and Manager, I have led and supported delivery of multi-disciplinary technical solutions to client needs on many occasions. My Master of Science Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and 18 year experience in systems design, system architecture, and team leadership could be a great asset to your company. As you will see on the enclosed resume, the depth of my experience includes project management, leadership, and engineering. As a current member of a company leadership team, I am quite experienced with cross-functional structures, business needs, and resource allocations. 


My Experience

As you will see on the resume section of my web site, the depth of my experience includes project management, personnel management, leadership, and engineering. I currently lead a team of 46 engineering staff and project managers with a payroll of $4.5M and project contracts of $11.5M annually. As a current member of a company leadership team, I am quite experienced with cross-functional structures, business needs, and resource allocations. 

Much of my career has focused on developing innovative solutions to solve clients’ needs.  I have held roles of technical developer, project manager, team lead, client liaison, and line manager. My solutions have included design and integration of “building-sized” phased arrays, complex sensor and communication systems, and component design. I have also applied my experience and expertise to mining environments where I arranged and tested a communication and tracking system for miners. Throughout my career, I have worked with many universities to apply breakthrough technologies to client needs.  These universities include: Carnegie Mellon University, Penn State University, Villanova University, University of Maryland, Georgia Tech, and Virginia Tech.

Throughout my career, I have been successful at building meaningful relationships with coworkers, clients, and partners. One of my strengths has been facilitating discussions and execution between sales/marketing teams and engineering/development staff. In my leadership roles, I lead by example while discovering and mentoring talent among team members. I earn the respect of team members through hard work, tackling the tough issues, and inspiring others to do their best. I expect these competencies will be very relevant to your company as well.


Why Me

I am active in the “maker movement” and “DIY revolution” and have developed competencies from blacksmithing to microprocessor programming to software development.  In general, I like to create things and make things happen.  I recognize that many projects these days require at least some knowledge in a wide range of technical competencies and I strive to at least maintain a breadth of knowledge in a wide range of technology applications.  I have managed to rise to the top of technical, management, and leadership teams in every company in which I have worked. I welcome the challenge to prove myself at your company as well.

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